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Spirit Sciences (A Reflection)

Posted by Anton Sutrisno on September 3, 2010 at 2:31 PM

By:Anton Sutrisno



Search for Knowledge Is Human Fitrah

Beforespeaking further, there is good discussion about human nature. Often we are wrong perceptions with this term, because it literallymeans sacred. Theperception that there is in our mind is clean and white. Almostsimilar to that expressed by John Locke who was very popular, that the new manis born is like a blank paper, an environment that will fill it. The question is whether the right is empty? Becauseof the sacred does not mean clean from everything. Emptywithout stain. Am I correct that?


Infantsborn in a state of nature, all no doubt agree. But babiesare not born to be empty but in the conditions of existence. Not like we bought an empty computer operating system software is notinstalled. She has needs, he defecate, although theenvironment has not been taught defecate, he was hungry, he cries, even thoughthe environment has not been taught to cry. This conditionthere are also not far different from adult humans, who also have needs,eating, defecating, and so forth. Including theneed for interaction with the opposite sex. This is what the nature of the condition when he formed.


Fitrah is not only in humans, butalso exist in animals, he also has needs in accordance with animal behavior. Natural tendency to live plants grow and develop but can not budge. Nature of water is always moving to a lower place, nature of air thatmoves from place to place high pressure low pressure.


Human nature is to have a sense,this is not possessed by other creatures. Animals have only instinct, there is even sharper than withhumans. Ftrahnya sense is used to think. Human nature is also in love with truth,goodness honesty. This is explained in theunderstanding of Islam is God's nature is blown to humans. Notall of these properties should be developed, but there should be controlled. Humans tend to like to lie to cover up his mistake, but do not like beinglied to. Lie acts contrary to human nature. This will be felt for beginners liar, definitely feeling miserable. Humans who do free sex, contrary to nature. Hewould be upset if his daughter got the case of adultery, or his wife dizinaiothers. This is humannature that does not exist in other creatures. Here,the role makes sense to be able to filter various options possible actions. Reason to think about good and bad of attitudes and actions.


Changes in nature occur because ofthe dominance of desire that comes from his desires. Thoughlust is a part of nature. Suchas appetite and sex. This passion must not be turned offbut are controlled within the limits of the persecution of action does notoccur. This understanding is needed sense ofthinking, reason as the controller. Fikirannya always ask, within the range where the action is permitted.


In my opinion all branches ofscience that emerged and developed at this time is to meet human needs. Both demand a good or bad needs. Intellect through the power fikirnyaexplore the surrounding resources by using various scientific instruments toproduce products that can improve kesejahteraanya. Ifthere are scientists who developed the science so that science is justdeveloping, it will not be interested.


Therefore, the man whoever he is, aslong as common sense would think to always develop the existing potential inhim to further develop the potential of its surroundings. Regardless of its potential. Could be a growing potential in him isnot related to the field of science that they do, as well as the environment. Because of distorted thinking and hold him to meet his needs. At this level could be increased but scientific knowledge does notgrow at all. This is alsopart of human nature, he will find out next door all seasuatu issues concerninghimself and the environment although this knowledge is evil neighbor. The task is reasonable to weigh the good and bad.


Adding motivation Sciences.

If asked to each individual, theanswers will vary. Motivation for higher schools. But it is crucial to the successful achievement of the learningprocess. At firstglance the dominant spirit Lamarck. In order to win the upcoming competition. Livecompetition, competition in the world of work, and perhaps a feeling of competition.Educated people will rise in rank in the eyes ofsociety, though not necessarily increase their incomes. Wrong has a different motivation? It's hard to answer. In my opinion, the right motivation to obtain the correct result. Looks like this is part of a motivator.


Science and knowledge developed when humans are faced with various problems. As when anearthquake struck, many studies of earthquake neighbors, even those who discussit awampun lot. Whenthe bird flu outbreak will develop research on the disease. At the individual level, too, someonewill learn all their heart and minds when there are problems to be faced. The more critical problem belajarnyapun then the process will be more"solemn".


Ifrelated to Natural Resources and Environment, is there a problem faced by eachof us, how kritiskan issues. Fear, is if we ourselves donot know that there is a problem neighbor environment and natural resourcesmanagement in front of our eyes. Means the first step iswe have to identify the issue. It should!. If this is not considered problem persolan will not be interested instudying it. Anunderstanding of these issues is influenced by the perception that is infikirnya pattern. All of this comes from pastexperiences that have been passed in building perception. Eitherformally or informally.


The process of identifying theseproblems is a learning process, which is led by someone who has met andacquainted with the problem. Maybe he was a professor, maybe he's a doctor, maybe a practitioner,he's probably a village, maybe he's one that never bare feet. But these people have the inspiration that can lead us to therecognition and discovery issues.


If the problem has been wellidentified, we know the risks and benefits that we face, and how long we canstay alive in the matter. I am sure for people who stillappreciate nature, respect for his common sense will explore the science andknowledge relating to the management of natural resources and environment asmuch. Because theyhave to win the race. If not eliminated with the flow andtime period.


(AntonSutrisno, the Economic Observer and Environment Social Issues, Living in NorthBengkulu)

Arga Makmur, August 20, 2010

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